I’m a Unity Developer. I love unique designs and art-forward games. I love collaboration and cooperating with professionals outside of my domain, programming just happens to be my contribution to the team. I love discrete mathematics, logic puzzles, and solving problems. I move pretty quickly and favor iteration, debugging, and tests.

  • Unity3D (Windows, Mac, Linux, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, or Android)
  • Various APIs required for porting projects major platforms
  • Visual Studio
  • GIT
  • Jira
  • Adobe Suite
  • Shaders (HLSL/CG Amplify Shader)
  • Console ready design patterns
  • 3D math (quaternions, matrices, etc.)
  • Clean, testable, self-documenting code
  • Game design and rapid prototyping
  • Profiling, debugging, and optimization
  • OOP, functional-style patterns (the Unity way), and data structures

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